Radiant Faith // Don't lose your focus

Do you ever feel like you're going and going, but you're just not sure if you're actually getting anywhere??

[ YEP! Me Too! ]

there are days that i wake up and think, "Wow! This is the day my life changes!!" I feel great in my spirit and I just feel as if everything is leading in the right direction at the right pace. i wake up early and get to have my devotional and prayer time. i promise to myself that i will not let anything upset or steal my joy that morning, day, or night. i sent a dozen or so texts of encouragement and prayers to my friends and family. i'm on fire. the world better watch out because here i come!! The day is brimming with endless possibilities and opportunities! there are days that go so right in every way. the job is going great, friendships are thriving, church is incredible, school is on point. everything is perfect in my small little world. I'm so hyped up that i feel like I've accomplished so much that i could seriously run my own company with coffee in hand!

{ I feel like I've accomplished so much that I could seriously run my own company >> with coffee in hand! }

[ BUT ]

Ummm, On other days... not so much. on days that i feel a little less confident of myself and honestly a little disappointed in the outcomes of certain situations, I run under the covering and shelter of the great "I AM."

I run under the Covering of something much greater that i can reason or understand.


How can you run to something that you can't reason or understand? Only one word can answer this question:

{ F A I T H }

in psalm 23, we read about god's character. he is a shepherd to his flock. not one sheep will he let sleep out of his sight or hand. the lord is my shepherd and i lack not one good thing.

will be my peace when i am walking through dark valleys, but i am comforted by his hand and guidance leading me not only through it, but out of it. :

[ Peace ]

[ Comfort ]

[ Joy ]

[ Refuge ]

[ Abba ]

[ Father ]

[ God ]

so on days that i feel deflated and honestly defeated, i sit down and have a little rest with my father. we talk, mostly he listens. i vent and explain different scenarios. mostly trying to figure it out on my own until i realize that i am still not satisfied with my reasonings. finally, i look up at his calm and peaceful nature and one look at him and i think all these silly thoughts don't truly matter. let me just enjoy this moment a little longer. so in his presence, i am reminded that he adores me and that he delights when i just stop reasoning and just enjoy his time and presence.