Living A Radiant Life: A note to my past... my present... and my future...

Dear sweet and precious younger me…

I’m writing this letter to tell you that you’ve made it. All the fears and doubts and tears that you’re worried about right now... those are all just shadows lingering in the corners of your mind. I want to confidently tell you that the future is so bright and full of endless possibilities! Sweet girl... I know right now it seems like you can’t feel it or even see it, but the best days have yet to come in your life.

I don’t want you to be fooled. There are a lot of storms ahead of you too. There will be sleepless nights and days filled with, “God, what am I doing with my life?” I need you to trust that God is guiding you along each step, He is allowing you to walk through tough seasons because your story will connect your heart with the stories of others in a profound and unique way. God is shifting your environment and your relationships right now because He is shifting your perspective from you to Him.

There is nothing you could do to earn God’s love and affection. There is also nothing you could do to push His love away. You are so loved, so talented, and God has everything perfectly planned out for your life! I need you to trust that God has everything planned out and stop trying to run ahead of Him and plan things out your way. That causes you to get frustrated and confused. God has you on an adventure and He would rather teach you things through the valleys and peaks so that you can take those bits of lessons learned and wisdom and not only survive through future valleys and peaks, but THRIVE.

My finals words of encouragement... you may feel unloved, unworthy, and even unwanted at times… but that is so wrong. You are very special and rare, don’t let anyone—family, friends, or boys— label you or tell you otherwise. Don’t allow anyone to insult you or tear you down. You have such a humble, strong, and powerful presence… and I'm very proud of the person you are right now. You are growing and learning and becoming, it’s okay if it’s a little “messy” in the process. You are learning and growing and gaining wisdom.

You are beautiful and I love the person God has created you to be… You will find your way and your calling and your voice in time. Stop worrying about the future so much, and stop trying to plan out the rest of your life. God is the only one that needs to have full control of that ship. You just need to be a very humble, dedicated, and obedient co-captain. Trust me, it’s much safer for you that God stays as the captain directing the course of you life!

You are going to be so surprised and proud of the person that you turn out to be… and the adventures that you will take! In the meantime, I’m very proud of the person you are right now in this very moment and I want you to know that...

The Best Has Yet To Come !!!!!!!

Live Courageously. Love Radiantly.

-Your future self! :)